Backstage Heat On Blue Pants For Her Unique Deal With WWE

There’s said to be a ton of heat on Blue Pants due to the nature of her working relationship with WWE, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

While Blue Pants (Leva Bates) has caught on as a cult favorite in NXT, a lot of the developmental talent resents the fact that she is getting what is perceived to be preferential treatment. We’ve heard the NXT announcers saying, “She doesn’t even work here” and that’s because she is not signed to WWE with the usual talent contract.

Blue Pants is not working at the Performance Center doing all the daily training, she sells her own merchandise (and doesn’t have to give WWE a cut), she’s permitted to work indie shows, she was flown to Brooklyn for Takeover and was part of a big angle on the show – something a lot of the other NXT women would have loved to have been involved with.

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